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Aiming to shorten translation processing time

We support more than 100 languages with high - quality machine translation.

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Document Translation 
$ 0.75 per page
Translate documents using pre-trained neural models.
Support document formats: DOCX, PDF, PPTX.
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Upto 90% accurate translations


Solutions for fast and accurate translations

What is machine translation?

Machine translation is the process of using artificial intelligence to automatically translate text from one language to another without human involvement. Modern machine translation goes beyond simple word-to-word translation to communicate the full meaning of the original language text in the target language. It analyzes all text elements and recognizes how the words influence one another.

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What are the benefits of machine translation?

Human translators use machine translation services to translate faster and more efficiently. We give some benefits of machine translation below:

Automated translation assistance

Machine translation provides a good starting point for professional human translators. Many translation management systems integrate one or more machine translation models into their workflow. They have settings to run translations automatically, then send them to human translators for post-editing.

Speed and volume

Machine translation works very fast, translating millions of words almost instantaneously. It can translate large amounts of data, such as real-time chat or large-scale legal cases. It can also process documents in a foreign language, search for relevant terms, and remember those terms for future applications.

Large language selection

Many major machine translation providers offer support for 50-100+ languages. Translations also happen simultaneously for multiple languages, which is useful for global product rollouts and documentation updates.

Cost-effective translation

Machine translation increases productivity and the ability to deliver translations faster, reducing the time to market. There is less human involvement in the process as machine translation provides basic but valuable translations, reducing both the cost and time of delivery. For example, in high-volume projects, you can integrate machine translation with your content management systems to automatically tag and organize the content before translating it to different languages.

What are some use cases of machine translation?

here are several use cases of machine translation, such as those given below:

Internal communication

For a company operating in different countries across the world, communication can be difficult to manage. Language skills can vary from employee to employee, and some may not understand the company’s official language well enough. Machine translation helps to lower or eliminate the language barrier in communication. Individuals quickly obtain a translation of the text and understand the content's core message. You can use it to translate presentations, company bulletins, and other common communication.

External communication

Companies use machine translation to communicate more efficiently with external stakeholders and customers. For instance, you can translate important documents into different languages for global partners and customers. If an online store operates in many different countries, machine translation can translate product reviews so customers can read them in their own language.

Data analysis

Some types of machine translation can process millions of user-generated comments and deliver highly accurate results in a short timeframe. Companies translate the large amount of content posted on social media and websites every day, and translate it for analytics. For example, they can automatically analyze customer opinions written in various languages.

Online customer service

With machine translation, brands can interact with customers all over the world, no matter what language they speak. For example, they can use machine translation to:

  • Accurately translate requests from customers all over the world

  • Increase the scale of live chat and automate customer service emails

  • Improve the customer experience without hiring more employees

Legal research

The legal department uses machine translation for preparing legal documents in different countries. With machine translation, a large amount of content becomes available for analysis that would have been difficult to process in different languages.

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About Us

NeuraLang is a startup focusing on providing machine translation services. Aiming to shorten translation processing time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, when it comes to multilingual content. The language services industry has been a major driving force in the advancement of neural machine translation technology.

Big or small, we’ve got a solution for you.

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